Complaints & Disputes

Under normal circumstances, within 30 days after the customer receives the goods, we accept customer complaints about product quality, quantity and tolerance. The customer complaint handling process includes the following steps.

Record the content of the complaint
According to the customer complaint registration form, record all the content of the customer complaint in detail, such as the complainant, the time of the complaint, the object of the complaint, and the complaint requirements.
Determine whether the complaint is established
After understanding the content of the customer's complaint, it is necessary to determine whether the reasons for the customer's complaint are sufficient and whether the complaint requirements are reasonable. If the complaint is not established, you can respond to the customer in a tactful manner to obtain the customer's understanding and eliminate misunderstandings.
Determine the department responsible for handling complaints
According to the content of the customer complaint, determine the relevant specific acceptance unit and the person in charge of the acceptance. If it is a transportation problem, it will be handled by the Storage and Transportation Department; if it is a quality problem, it will be handled by the Quality Management Department.
The responsible department analyzes the cause of the complaint
It is necessary to find out the specific reasons for customer complaints and the specific responsible person who caused the customer complaints.
Fairly propose a handling plan
According to the actual situation, refer to the customer's complaint requirements, and propose a specific plan to resolve the complaint. Such as return, exchange, repair, discount, compensation, etc.
Submit to the supervisor for approval
In response to customer complaints, the leaders in charge review the handling plans for the complaints one by one and give prompt instructions. According to the actual situation, take all possible measures to try to recover the losses that have occurred.
Implement treatment plan
Punish those directly responsible, notify customers, and collect customer feedback as soon as possible. The directly responsible persons and department heads shall be punished in accordance with relevant regulations, and a certain percentage of performance wages or funds shall be deducted and punished according to the magnitude of the loss caused by the complaint. Those responsible for delays caused by the failure to deal with problems in time should also be held accountable.
Summary evaluation
Summarize and comprehensively evaluate the complaint handling process, learn from experience and lessons, and propose improvement countermeasures, so as to continuously improve the business management and business operations of the enterprise, improve customer service quality and service level, and reduce the complaint rate.
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