Director's Speech
General Manager's Speech We have many years of experience in steel products and we are unique in the Chinese steel market. Our vision is to provide the best solutions to end customers in the steel industry, including prices, logistics, procurement, etc. We started from a very small place and started a humble job in a 50 square meter area in China. Today, we operate in a modern, well-equipped computer office of 5,000 square feet, with branches in Shanghai, Wuxi, Shandong and Foshan. Our success is attributed not only to our unswerving corporate philosophy of quality and service, but also to our highly skilled and dedicated team of employees, who constantly strive to realize the company's vision. But we are also aware that all competition and industry pressures will follow and bring new challenges. And we, in AODS Steel, are ready to welcome them. As our past record has fully demonstrated, we are confident that we can competently and efficiently respond to all emerging challenges in our business areas.
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