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Aluminum sheet
Aluminum is widely used in electronics, packaging, construction, machinery, and so on. According to the chemical composition, it is divided into alloy aluminum and pure aluminum. According to the processing shape, it is divided into aluminum coil, aluminum plate, aluminum sheet, aluminum strip, aluminum tube, aluminum rod, aluminum profile and so on.
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1000 SeriesIndustrial Pure Aluminum(1050,1060 ,1070,   1100)
2000 SeriesAluminum-copper alloys(2024(2A12), LY12,   LY11, 2A11, 2A14(LD10), 2017, 2A17)
3000 SeriesAluminum-manganese alloys(3A21, 3003,   3103, 3004, 3005, 3105)
4000 SeriesAl-Si alloys(4A03, 4A11, 4A13, 4A17,   4004, 4032, 4043, 4043A, 4047, 4047A)
5000 SeriesAl-Mg alloys(5052, 5083, 5754, 5005,   5086,5182)
6000 SeriesAluminum Magnesium Silicon Alloys(6063,   6061, 6060, 6351, 6070, 6181, 6082, 6A02)
7000 SeriesAluminum, Zinc, Magnesium and Copper   Alloys(7075, 7A04, 7A09, 7A52, 7A05)
Thickness(mm)aluminum sheet:0.15-6.0 aluminum   plate:6.0-25.0
StandardGB, JIS, DIN, ASTM
Surface treatmentBrushed, Mirror, Embossed, Sandblasted,   etc
TemperO/H111 H112 H116/H321 H12/H22/H32   H14/H24/H34/H16/H26/H36 H18/H28/H38 H114/H194, etc.
PackageStandard export package,such as wooden   box or as required.

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